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21 Dec 2021

Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers

Introduction to the Future Homes Standard

The Government is making changes to Part L of the Building Regulations which come into force from June 15th, 2022. The changes will reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced by buildings and have big implications for the design and construction of buildings – including window and façade systems.

We’ve been preparing for well over a year to ensure we provide our customers with absolute reassurance that when they specify or install Reynaers’ products they are fully compliant with the updated regulations.

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Changes to Part L 

Watch our short video

Watch our latest video update where Technical Director, John McComb, explains what changes are coming in June 2022 and what it means for you and your business.


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Reynaers aluminium part l faq leaflet
We've compiled a useful FAQ sheet preempting and answering your most pressing questions regarding the changes to Part L.
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Understanding U-values and BFRC Rating

For those working on replacement and refurbishment projects, there are two ways in which manufacturers are able to show that their products and systems comply - U-values or the BFRC window efficiency rating.

What is a U-value?

A U-Value is the measure of the overall rate of heat transfer through a particular section of construction – in this case, windows and doors.

In other words, a U-value is used to measure how well or badly a component transmits heat from the inside to the outside. The slower or more difficult it is for heat to transfer through the component, the lower the U-value. This means that we are looking for a lower U-value. The lower the U-value the better.

BFRC window rating scheme (WER)

The BFRC is a subsidiary of the Glass and Glazing Federation. Its window rating scheme (WER) is based on a traffic light system and gives each window/door product a rating from A – G for energy efficiency.  A indicates a good level of energy efficiency with G demonstrating the lowest. The label gives an overall indication of how energy efficient the window is, how much air it will allow to penetrate a building, likelihood of condensation and level of acoustic insulation. I can also be used to demonstrate building regulations compliance for replacement windows.

Over the last year Reynaers has rigorously benchmarked our current products and planned new products to ensure they comply with the required U-values. This involved a detailed FEA analysis using specific thermal modelling software to calculate the thermal performance, as well as carrying out additional analysis associated with the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) which is a labelling system for window and doors products, to give our customers the utmost confidence in their purchasing decision.

Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers

What do you need to consider as a specifier, fabricator or installer?

  1. Get to know the new regulations - they're available here
  2. Speak to specialists, such as Reynaers, to understand in detail what the change means to you.
  3. visit to keep up to date
Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers


More than 160 construction industry suppliers attended the roadshows in Birmingham, Manchester and London, which covered technical changes required for both new and replacement thermal elements, windows, and doors to remain compliant with the coming Part L regulation changes.

Among the Part L roadshow attendees was Chris Archer, managing director at C&A Window Systems, who said the session helped to clear up a lot of confusion and armed him with answers for his customers.

“I would recommend anyone involved in manufacturing or specifying products to go along to the webinar, as John is very engaging and gives you a lot of information without overloading the session and the Reynaers technical team have been at the forefront of this.”

  • Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers
  • Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers
  • Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers
  • Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers
  • Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers
  • Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers
  • Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers
  • Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers
Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers

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If you’d like more information on the changes to Part L and how Reynaers Aluminium is preparing for these changes, please contact your local Area Sales Manager. Alternatively, call us on +44 (0)121 421 1999 or via one of the below:

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Part L: Be reassured with Reynaers