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Woman cleaning aluminium window wall with specialised care products.
09 Mar 2022

All about aluminium maintenance

Choosing aluminium means enjoying the benefits of an almost lifelong, maintenance-free material. The durability of aluminium, combined with their UV-resistant coating makes our systems extremely easy to maintain.

While wooden systems need to be treated or repainted every couple of years, aluminium elements do not have to be painted or varnished in the first place. Occasional cleaning with lukewarm water and pH-neutral detergent is sufficient. In some cases, dirt and dust can make windows and doors malfunction. The answer: regular cleaning and maintenance assures their correct functioning and lifetime.

How to clean aluminium windows and doors?

In a rural environment, your aluminium profiles need to be cleaned twice a year. In the city and in coastal areas, around four times a year is enough. This way, you do not lose money on intensive maintenance and you can enjoy some more quality time. To achieve the ultimate spotless result, use lukewarm water with Reynaers Aluminium Clean & Care Wax. And if you want your profiles to look as good as on the day they were installed, treat them with the Reynaers Aluminium Renewer once a year.

Do not lose money on intensive aluminium maintenance. Enjoy more free time.

Remember to inspect and maintain the hardware accessories and moveable parts once a year as well. What you need to do? Check the drainage holes and clear the openings for proper water drainage. Lubricate the hinges and locks of windows and doors, brush seals, and rails of sliding windows with our high-end Reynaers Aluminium Lubricant.

Aluminium care products

These and other care products assure the lifelong and optimal functioning of our aluminium systems. Order them from your local Reynaers Aluminium dealer and read the Operation, Care and Maintenance manual for extra information. The range offers a total cleaning and maintenance solution, right when you need it most.

Reynaers Aluminium care products displayed on a wooden table.

Another asset for you is our ten-year system warranty. This warranty applies to all Reynaers Aluminium profiles, their lacquer or anodisation layer, as well as the integrated insulation. A five-year system warranty is granted on hardware accessories. With our help and expertise, discover the ease of maintenance and many other advantages of aluminium profiles today.

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