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Close up of aluminium profile.
07 Mar 2022

Aluminium, an all-rounder with countless benefits

Some people favour aluminium because of its environmental impact, others are fan of the design variety. Why would you choose aluminium as a material for your new windows and doors? We list ten reasons to make that choice a little easier.

It is no coincidence that aluminium is used for windows, doors, and façades in the most prestigious and iconic new buildings around the world. Aluminium is an abundant material that is infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality. What is more, the industry-leading thermal insulation that aluminium offers helps you to create anything with an eye on energy-efficiency. And that is not all. Explore the main benefits of aluminium below.

Living room with broad folding doors in the background, looking out on green woods.

Ten aluminium benefits

Long lifetime

Choosing aluminium is a choice for life. Aluminium profiles will remain beautiful for years and years. They are not affected by UV-rays or moisture, and when maintained properly they do not warp, corrode, or rot.

Thermal & acoustic insulation

Aluminium solutions offer excellent thermal insulation. An aluminium window insulates well against both the cold and the heat. Combined with acoustical glass, aluminium guarantees optimal soundproof solutions.

Design that fits

Enjoy creative freedom with all kinds of shapes and styles. Choose from a wide range of design options, from sleek contemporary to rustic historical. Moreover, aluminium profiles come in almost every dimension. There is always a system that meets your needs.

Sustainability is key

Aluminium is 100% recyclable. The recycling process takes a minimum amount of energy, without loss of quality of the material. And think of the sustainable benefit as well: low U-values of our aluminium products contribute to your energy savings and helps to reduce the environmental impact of your project.

Numerous colours

Select your favourite colour and coating option. Aluminium profiles can be anodised or painted in more than 400 RAL colours and different finish types. A functional, renaissance, or minimalistic building? There is an aluminium solution for every type of home.

Interior view of opened MasterPatio sliding doors.


Versatility is aluminium’s second nature. Expansion and contraction by changes in temperature are kept to a minimum, making aluminium the preferred choice for bi-fold and patio doors, as well as any large-size windows. It is an ultra-light yet robust material that can realise complex structures effortlessly.

Safe and optimal fire protection

Aluminium is very strong, non-flammable, and integrates smoothly with technologies and systems that further enhance safety and protection. Most of our systems are burglar-resistant, and some variants even offer fire or smoke-proof solutions.

Easy maintenance

Aluminium windows and doors are very low-maintenance, requiring only a wash with soapy water a couple of times a year. Select from hundreds of hard-wearing, durable colour finishes and rest assured that the aluminium will never need repainting.

Professional placement

The computer-controlled cutting of the profiles and the precise assembly of the finished product enables a smooth and flawless installation of all our aluminium solutions

An investment that pays off

Aluminium improves the overall performance and value of your building. It is an investment that pays off, if you take into account all the benefits. Reynaers Aluminium guarantees that its systems meet the highest technical specifications with a ten-year system guarantee and a five-year guarantee on hardware accessories.

State-of-the art aluminium

Aluminium will not let you down. With a world-class testing and design centre and many years of industry experience, Reynaers Aluminium is proud to be pushing the boundaries of product quality. All our products are tested to exceed both local and international standards, allowing them to be featured in some of the most challenging locations. Experience the difference.


Iron Horse – Altius Design Group (architect), Andrew Beneze (photographer)